G-Form Protects! I use G-Form knee and elbow pads for almost every ride! They are super flexible and comfortable to ride in, don’t get too hot and with their unique technology, although flexible, hardens on impact so I feel confident that if/when I go down I am protected. As I push myself in this sport there is so much learning to do and falls/crashing are inevitable. However, if I do every thing I can to avoid letting a fall/injury impact on my training or even daily life as a PT, then thats a good thing! Check them out at G-Form Protects


There’s no question I am a coffee fiend so imagine my delight in finding equally coffee and bike obsessed Grimpeur Bros. I love their darker roasts, but thrive on their limited edition coffee’s. Also their ‘Dam Loop Espresso’ is BOMB! Check them out and try a bag or two! Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee

grouchyjohns-transparent-backgroundI am a proud member of the Grouchy Nation. This is one for the locals. This locally owned, run and sourced coffee shop, is so much more than just a coffee shop. With their community drives, local support and cool vibes, Grouchy Johns is my favorite place to be, whether Im doing paperwork, blogging, holding free bike clinics or just chilling, I always feel like part of the family and super relaxed. Find them at the corner of Maryland Parkway/Wigwam 5am-9pm Mon-Sun! Grouchy Johns Coffee Shop

audi-logoAudi Henderson

Its not often that you find a car dealership that is so invested in the local community but thats what you find at Audi Henderson. Their involvement in supporting local sports teams and groups is second to none. I have a women’s cycling group that rides from Audi Henderson every Tuesday at 5am except the last Tuesday of each month when we enjoy a long lie in 😉 The team at Audi Henderson are always there to support us with coffee and refreshments. Their overall passion for the active, adventurous lifestyle bring them closer to this adventurous population.