First blog post

“Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.”

– John F Kennedy

A couple months I applied to upgrade my cycling license from Cat 1 to Pro, based on my few results this year. Filling out the application and submitting my results, I knew that if it was granted I was about to enter a whole new dimension of ‘getting your ass handed to you’ but the butterflies and excitement at the prospect helped me to hit the ‘SEND’ button. I anxiously waited for the result and when the email came through to say that the upgrade was approved, that was it. No more messing around son.

I first got on a mountain bike in late 2014 after a long and difficult season on the road with cycling and triathlon. It was the off season and I wanted to try something different. Growing up in Scotland I am very fond of the outdoors and trail running but aside from messing around on bikes in the woods beside our house I’d really never been ‘Mountain Biking’. I went with my friend Nick Dru, who lent me a bike which I quickly crashed into a cholla cactus after clipping my pedal coming down a popular (very smooth…) trail. A month later my hand remained swollen, numb and I was now dropping things with my left hand. I visited Dr Jed Jones who surgically removed four cactus spines, two of which had been lodged in the nerve. Following surgery, I almost immediately regained feeling in my hand and couldn’t WAIT to get back out on the bike!

I spent the next year doing pretty well at climbing and applied my fitness to MTB and earned my Pro Xterra license for off road triathlon. I also finished my first Ironman in Canada, narrowly missing the podium by one spot, I then chased my habit around the country, running pacer for long distance runners, competing in Xterra in Maui World Champs and putting on a CX event to raise money for Smile Train. However I spent the last 6-8 weeks of 2015 sick with chronic bronchitis. 2016 has been an interesting year filled with extreme highs and lows. Ultimately I have struggled to figure out my direction and passion but that email made everything clear. I am now publicly committing myself to this adventure into Pro XC Mountain Biking, and honestly I couldn’t be more pumped.

I decided to put this blog together to share my journey but also keep myself on track and accountable. Through this journey I hope to share with you all some rad podcasts with rad people, decent product reviews for things I like and find super useful and in essence generally epic banter to keep things real.

Thanks for checking in and be sure to follow this blog to get notified with updates!

Stay Rad my friends