After first jumping onto a mountain bike late in 2014 I fell hard for this dirt life.



Name: Lisa Leonard

Age: 29

Lives: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Born: Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

By Day: Pediatric Home Health Physical Therapist

By Night/mornings/evenings/free minutes/etc etc: Mountain Biker

Loves: Bikes, Coffee, Sunshine, GF Pizza, Being outside

Hates: Its a strong word, but not super fond of clowns, masks or sour cream

Rides: Cannondale SuperX 105 CX bike, Cannondale FSi Hardtail 27.5

Recent Accomplishments (2016):

  • Nevada State CX Champion
  • 5th Pro Xterra Victoria
  • 2nd Overall Series Kenda Cup Cat 1 XC
  • 1st Elite USAT Off-Road Championship
  • Proud receiver of Bolo Tie from Rebeccas Private Idaho
  • 7th CrossVegas Wheelers and Dealers


  • Continually search and strive for progress with XC MTB racing at the highest level
  • Empower women to ride, maintain their bike and improve skills through free group rides and clinics in Las Vegas
  • Compete in the Olympics
  • Happiness

Non-biking hobbies: Music, DIY, Snowboarding, attempting to long board